Limited edition 1 ounce .999 copper round from the infamous SBSS (Silver Bullet Silver Shield) mint. The AG-47 is a play on the chemical symbol for silver- Ag – and on the popular assault rifle- the AK-47. The combination of these two symbols is a strong reminder that we need a variety of tools to fight oppression— not just those associated with force. To overcome tyrannical forces, it is just as important to overthrow a manipulated monetary system as it is to have a strong defense strategy. By holding gold, silver, copper and guns, we are ensuring our financial security as well as our physical security.This is a very clever piece that is sure to be a hit with collectors everywhere!

The reverse has a new design to the SBSS shield, urging the viewer to “Listen to All, Follow None”, and proclaiming "A Conscious Solution To Collectivist Problems." The shield includes imagery from the Trivium, a medieval school of independent thought using Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, updated for the modern day.

Remember, this is a bullion round, not a proof. Please be aware that though it is relatively uncommon, some rounds may have very slight imperfections due to minting errors. Image of coin above is an artist rendition and is not the coin's actual size. Each round that is sold by defy! will be encapsulated in a genuine direct fit Air-tite container. Oftentimes simple coin flips contain PVC, which can mar bullion if stored this way. The capsules that I include are a beautiful and safe way to display and store each coin or round that you add to your precious collection.

Weight: 1 ounce
AVDP (avoirdupois):
28.35 grams
.999 Fine Copper
39 mm 

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