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A smiling Slave Queen with a crown with the word Obey inscribed on it and three symbols.  
First Symbol: A Poppy blossom symbolizing the many decades long Opium War against China.The British had a long time silver trade deficit with China as a result of the English consumption of China's silk & tea.
Second Symbol: The Rothschild crest that made its first appearance on the Debt and Death Medallion, and it symbolizes banking power taking power from the Royal Family long before the Queen was born.
Third Symbol: The Eye of Providence, a controversial symbol that some believe represents a trick to get us to self-regulate because of constant fear that we are being watched by a higher authority. This symbol is commonly associated with Freemasonry, and appears on the United states one-dollar bill."


The original Peace Dollar had her hair tied in a bun with an uncomfortable tiara perched on her head.  Freedom Girl's hair is wild and free. Freedom Girl's parted lips and gaze of almost ecstasy looking forward to the future is so seductive, as Freedom should be. Even her shoulder arching forward brings out more emotion from this modern beauty. She is finished off with modern cues of a hoop earring and a tattoo of the Trivium.  The Trivium is the foundation for individual freedom from outside manipulation.  What better way to make Freedom sexy than Freedom Girl?

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