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Copper is known to be among the most versatile of all metals, and its uses are everywhere due to its strength and durability. Much of the same can be said about the fallen heroes of the armed forces that fought selflessly, and with versatility, strength and durability, for our freedom.

Melanie Davis, Love Your Veterans founder, was collecting stories from veterans for her book, “The Triumph Book: HEROES,” when she came across multiple scenarios where injured soldiers were assisted on the battlefield by deceased soldiers. In one particular story, an injured warrior was being tended to by a female medic while another soldier stood guard.

Upon his return to base, the soldier mentioned the names of soldiers that helped him and he was told both had died a month prior. These experiences are not shared in “HEROES” because the soldiers that encountered them chose to keep the occurrences and their specific details sacred. The stories, however, inspired Melanie enough to commission Wes Scales, a veteran and graphic designer, to create an image about the story above to supply comfort and hope to loved ones and heroes knowing Guardian Angels are at their side.

The Guardian Angels image was not only used on the back cover of “HEROES,” but also on the reverse of the 1 AVDP copper round that depicts two soldiers with wings aiming down their sights. A helicopter flying above a battlefield is featured in the distance. Inscriptions include “HEROES TRIUMPH” and GUARDIAN ANGELS.”
Joshua George, Army veteran, designed a heart symbol filled with stars and stripes for Melanie’s Love Your Veterans organization. The heart symbolizes the the love and patriotism we should have for those who defend our country. Surrounding the logo is “” and ONE AVDP OUNCE .999 FINE COPPER.”

Remember, these are bullion rounds not proofs. Please be aware that though it is relatively uncommon, some rounds may have slight imperfections such as bag marks or off-center strike due to minting errors. Image of coins above is an artist rendition and is not the coin's actual size. This round will be encapsulated in a direct fit Air-Tite container. Oftentimes simple coin flips contain PVC, which can mar bullion if stored this way. The capsules that I include are a beautiful and safe way to display and store each coin or round that you add to your precious collection.

Weight: 1 ounce 
AVDP (avoirdupois): 28.35 grams 
Purity: .999 Fine Copper 
Diameter: 39 mm

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