The Bald Eagle




Soar to great heights with the Bald Eagle 1 oz Copper Round, available now from deFy! Metals. These beautiful copper rounds are composed of .999 pure copper, a rising investment metal. Rounds were produced by NTR Metals in Texas.

The obverse of the Bald Eagle 1 oz Copper Round features this noble predator in profile, it’s piercing gaze staring off into the distance. The detail of the obverse shows the incredible power of the bird’s beak, and the soft ridge lines on the feathers. The words THE BALD EAGLE are written in a font that brings to mind the Wild West. The reverse depicts 13 five-pointed stars arranged around the bottom rim, with 1 OUNCE COPPER .999 near the top rim. A shield bearing 13 stars and 13 stripes is the centerpiece of this side.

The bald eagle is the national bird and national animal of the United States.The bald eagle was chosen by the Founding Fathers as a way to link the U.S. with the ancient Roman Republic, which featured the golden eagle. The bald eagle is unique to North America, and it appears on many patriotic symbols for America.

The bird is an incredible predator, able to soar high on thermal wind currents and catch large fish such as salmon or trout. Its sharp talons and beak are used to pluck a fish right out of the water, where it is taken high into a tree to be consumed.

Be as fierce as an eagle in your investing, and swoop in on the Bald Eagle 1 oz Copper Round. Make your purchase with deFy! Metals’ secure online system today.

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