The limited edition Warbird 1 oz Copper round from Silver Bullet Silver Shield is the fifth installment of the Silver Bullet Silver Shield series, and gives the American Silver Eagle coin an anti-establishment twist. These rounds, like the preceding ones, are made from 1 AVDP ounce of .999 fine copper and is AOCS approved. The Warbird was designed by Heidi Wastweet, the artist behind the popular "Freedom Girl" round.

The Warbird is a mock of the most popular silver coin in the world, the American Silver Eagle. Once you get beyond the blind patriotism we parade around in to soothe our conscious, we are a nation that simply spreads debt and death around the world.

Warbird is an evocative, conscious assault on the status quo that also questions why all of these silver stackers get rid of their dollars, only to buy from the US Treasury?

On the obverse a Predator drone replaces the Bald Eagle of the Silver Eagle coin, and “Divide" and "Conquer” replaces “E Pluribus Unum” on the banner. The talons of the Predator clutch the arrows of war, but instead of the olive branch of peace, it holds the shackles of debt. Blood spatters mimic the feather pattern of the eagle on the American Silver Eagle. The legend "Spreading Debt and Death" frame the gruesome tableau.

The reverse has a new design to the SBSS shield, urging the viewer to “Listen to All, Follow None”, and proclaiming "A Conscious Solution To Collectivist Problems." The shield includes imagery from the Trivium, a medieval school of independent thought using Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric, updated for the modern day.

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